The Future of Content Sharing

Face it. We live in an content-rich era — there’s too much noise, too many choices and too much clutter. Consumers are hit with spam, pop-up ads, 500 cable channels, more movies, blinking Web banners, blue-screen ads behind home plate,  more news sites, blogs, and, of course, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and dozens of other interruptions.

But what we don’t think and visualize about is: what this era will be like in three years, fives years or ten years? My opinion is more noise, more choices, and more clutter.

And all of this content is competing for the one thing that is finite: other people’s attention. And now you’re in competition with everyone else who wants a slice of it.

So the question is: what’s going to give your content a shot at being shared?

The answer is context.

The future of content sharing starts with developing context for your content. There is no other way! This is now the critical first step of any successful content marketing strategy. Moving forward the context you create with your audience or individuals will be the component needed to break through the noise. Without it there’s no reason for someone to share your content. I really believe, if you mess this up, you’re going to waste a lot of time and effort.

We all talk about content is king, but we never mention that marketing is the queen and context is the ace. And I think that will change as we move forward in a content marketing world.