The Game of Social Media

When you think about every game you’ve played. There’s always a key to winning: communication, hand-eye coordination, discipline, IQ, strategy, persuasion, and etc. The game of social media has a key as well and it’s this: “It’s NEVER about talking it’s about listening.” If you think it’s about talking, promoting your products or services, and pushing your message, you’ll find out very quickly that nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. And care about them.

Now I do think it’s important that you:

  1. Build a stage. This is a digital property you own and control. It is where your loyal listeners, fans, and readers come together. It can be as simple as a podcast, newsletter, forum, blog or as complex as a self-hosted community. No matter what it is, it’s where you direct all internet traffic.
  2. Use relational tools like Twitter and Facebook to deliver that message. Arenas I like to call them because these are places you don’t own, but where you have a registered profile. In other words, these enclosed spaces are designed to showcase your writing, musical, or art works. You engage in conversations with the spectators who congregate there.

These two steps are a must when playing the social media game, but as I said previously,  “It’s NEVER about talking it’s about listening.” So I recommend you spend 30-60 minutes creating content (information) and pre-scheduling it to post. Then spend the most amount of time possible listening to conversations and engaging in them.For listening I have search columns in HootSuite that monitor mentions of both my name and my company. I also have Google Alerts that monitor the same information wherever it may occur on the Web and I also use the most powerful of them all

Question: What have you found to be successful while playing this social media game?