The “habit” of marketing

“Marketing is a habit. Watch your marketing, it becomes your story. Watch your story, it becomes your trademark. Watch your trademark, it becomes your advertising. Watch your advertising, it becomes their habit. Watch their habits, they become your growth and profits.” – Patrick McFadden

“We buy what resonates with us. Marketing then, is not an act, but a habit.” Patrick McFadden


Habits are indispensable to marketing, growth, and profits.

5-hour energy drinks at 2:30 is a habit. So is checking your Facebook account every time someone likes your post, having a cell phone, and Starbucks coffee in the morning. Purchasing bottled water is a habit, but it didn’t used to be.

Creating a habit is definitely the strategic move of a great marketer and it’s easier than breaking one (ask a hoarder, smoker, or alcoholic) and habits often come in unconventional ways (ask Americans, who now have a texting habit, massage habit, debt habit, and smartphone habit).

If you want to grow, you  have two choices:

  1. get more people to take on your habit, (which might require breaking a different habit) or
  2. somehow increase habitual behavior among your happy customers ( the one’s you have permission with).