The key attributes that go into a good story

Well, let’s start by understanding that it’s not your story, it’s my story that you let me tell myself.

If I’m the consumer , if I’m the business buyer, or a consumer-consumer, I’m going to buy something because I believe the story.

I like to use fancy gourmet  pet food for an example. Fancy gourmet pet food is not for pets, because if pet food was for pets it would come in mouse flavor, and etc., but in fact people buy fancy gourmet pet food for themselves, because of the way it makes them feel, because of the story they tell themselves, not because of the pet.

And the story is if you love your pet, and you want to take care of your pet, and you want to prove to your pet that it’s worth an extra buck then by this .

That’s a story.

If it was just average pet food in a bag or can, then the story wouldn’t resonate. It has to be different pet food that appeals to pets, because otherwise the story would fall on its face.

So what we see here is that you have to live this story, be this story, that all marketers tell stories and are not lairs because  the best stories are the one’s that spread and are authentic.