The major component of PR you need to succeed

PR is short for public relations. So when you’re in business a lot of your focus will be on getting your idea to spread. Today, they’re  so many channels to get your idea to spread, it’s almost never the issue.  The real issue is to say something that the public wants to talk about and finding out where they want to hear it.

So, the major component of PR is understanding where you want to get the idea to spread. By definition,  PR means spreading an idea to the “public”. No, not the whole world but spreading the idea to your “public target market.”

Now, another major component of PR involves relationships, the second part.  These relationships are with an audience as well as with organizations that help you spread an idea, (radio stations, TV, and publications).

And because these mediums have a relationship with the readers and listeners they know what they want to hear.  A good story. Remarkable PR tells a remarkable story. The better the story,  the better the acceptance by the public and the better your relationship with the public. The better the relationship, the better your chance of earning the public’s vote of confidence and time, and the easier it is to get your idea to spread.