The marketing funnel price dilemma

So marketing is a funnel, and you put North America into the top of it.

The way a marketing funnel works is that there’s undifferentiated prospects at the top and some of them hop out, unimpressed with your story and offering. Others learn about you and your company, hear from their peers, compare offerings, and eventually come out the bottom, as customers who give you money.

But here’s the dilemma, you have to be very cognizant of how many people in North America are left at the bottom and you have to price accordingly.  If 100 people come out the bottom, your price for the product or service will be high like $1,000, but if 100,000 people come out of the bottom, you can sell your product for $5 and make a living. So the challenge you have is to match the service or product with the funnel you’re going to be able to create.