The Missing Link to Turning Your Idea into Serious Cash

Here’s the deal with ideas…

Don’t expect to be paid for an idea! I know every single person thinks if we could just offer a suggestion and that company would do it. That company would boost sales and etc. The truth is that has ZERO value!

“The only people who make money from an idea are those who create an implementation for the idea.”

For Example: I can talk about a better car that rides on air so we don’t have the friction …and worry about rubber. Do we have the technology to do that? Of course we do! I am going to get paid because I think about that, not a chance in the world.

So an idea that is divorced from implementation has very little value. Actually, it has ZERO vale! What you would want to do and I recommend you do if you have an idea is take that idea, create a prototype for that, go out and sell 10,000 of them or get 1 million subscribers. Then you have some leverage to your idea.

Now you can go back to a company like Nike, Dell, Google and get some serious cash for that idea. You have to show that an idea works and do the implementation. This same process is for authors as well. Establish some credibility by publishing yourself first. Start a blog.  If you are waiting for a book deal to validate your work, your message or to make you famous, you’re going to be waiting and waiting and waiting.