The Most Important Component Needed to Make Money

If you have something to say or sell you need a platform. You need a place where you can be seen and heard. A place where you can break through the clutter and the noise and deliver your message or product right to the heart of your best prospect.

Now, within that platform you must have “a stage”. A place where people can find you, connect with you and your product. This could be a digital property you own and control. It can be as simple as a blog, podcast or as complex as a self-hosted community. Or a retail store, a conference you host, or some other real-world location. It is where your loyal listeners, fans, and readers come together.  No matter what it is, it’s where you direct all traffic. Why? Because this is the place where you can best sell your ideas, services or products. You control the microphone and determine who has backstage access.

Once you’ve built a stage, you can then start going to these “arenas” like Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Once you’re in these arenas the goal is to represent your stage(s) well and drive traffic back to it. So viewing these as relational tools as a way to start shaking other people’s hand to bring them back to your stage is vital. Arenas also include a syndicated television or radio show.

And once you start doing that, all of a sudden you have the most important component needed to make money and the one thing that is finite: other people’s attention. And everyone who’s in business wants a slice of it, because once you have the eyeballs there’s very little confusion on how you can make money.

If you take anything away from this let it be this: Start working on and doing what you’re passionate about and build a stage that fits your DNA. Then understand that getting other people’s attention (eyeballs) = cash$$$.

Question: Have you identified your passion and the stage you’ll be using? Does it live online or offline?