The New Radio

I have to start this post off of what it used to be. It used to be that to start a business or if you had an idea, you would need to lease or build a building, purchase inventory, hire employees and the work for years to recover your initial investment and move into profitability. Or maybe you borrowed $100,000 to open that shop or restaurant you always dreamed of.

Today, you can pick yourself, build your platform,  and start a business, project or venture with zero investment. How?  Because of “the new radio.” This new radio is not like the traditional radio where you had to be picked by a gatekeeper to be on the radio or have a show, no this new radio opens the band waves for start-up businesses, ideas, artist and etc. With this new radio you can grab those signed baseball cards in your attic, and launch a real business. Or you can write an ebook, not even wait for a publisher, and have the instant exposure and marketing power of Amazon with no money investment of any kind – making a profit from the very first purchase.

This brings us to my point: “Tim O’ Riley says the enemy of any creative is not piracy but obscurity”

There is no one in this world that says, “I’m really in trouble everyone has read my blog , read my book, everyone has heard my song, everyone saw me on Oprah, and I can’t figure out how to make money.” That’s not an issue. No one has that problem. But there are tons of people who have the problem of: I’m not interactive with the market enough, I’m not hearing from people enough, no one knows who I am or what I do. The truth is that 99% of musicians on iTunes are basically unheard and so the challenge for all of us, I think is to see the internet as the new radio. The radio for ideas. Just like the Beach Boys, James Brown, the Beetles, Aretha Franklin and The Rolling Stones needed to be on the traditional radio to make things happen, we need to be on the internet (the new radio) to make our ideas hits.