The One Phrase That Will Get Your Email Opened

When you craft an email, to send, you want it to be opened. You want it to be opened because that’s how you convey what you have to say or sell.

In the connection economy there seems to be one the simple phrase that is compelling and universally recognized. “You Are Not Alone”

“You Are Not Alone” is the phrase that has the most-opened subject line in the history of ……my existence!  According to Aweber it has had an average open rate of 90%, and has surpassed the 100% mark numerous times.

As it turns out people are lonely and they’re lonely online and  in real life setting. And one of the most important human needs is the need to belong, to feel part of a group, to know that others are going through the same problems you’ve dealt with. I’m sure, there are plenty of ways to appeal to this human need in an email subject line, but most messages are (or will be) sent directly to the spam folder.

Now what happens, when you do it reliably and repeatedly, that is reminding your reader that someone (you) understands what they’re going through and cares about helping them? Your readers over time will see you as aspirin and have an interest in hiring your service or product to solve their problem. Even better, you (and your business) will never be alone again.

So utilize the subject line to get your email opened, and then provide a useful solution to their most pressing problem.

P.S. Not only does the “You Are Not Alone” subject line get opened like a present on Christmas, it has an extremely high reply rate.