The professional v. the public – a marketers brief summary

Summary of The professional v. the public,  (a century)


For 100 years (a century) the model was simple for the media, TV ads, magazine ads and etc. it was: “We make stuff and you (the public) get to watch it.” or “We cut records and you (the public) get to listen.” So culture for 100 years was created by a professional and consumed by the public.


Now, what happens when the internet (this spectrum that belongs to everybody):

  • increases the noise,
  • increases the information, and
  • increases the channels?

Holding and Rule (McFadden)

  1. Corporations have no right to our attention.
  2. For 100 years (a century), the professional made average products for average people and routinely interrupted the public, hoping they would notice them- and eventually, the public stopped paying attention.


Well, if we add up the hours spent watching YouTube, reading blogs, listening to podcasts, facebooking, and tweeting, we see that culture is now created by the public and consumed by the public.