The Revealing Deep Dark Secret to Marketing

This is the schism of marketing until 1995. Marketing was clever clothes on a boring product. That you made an average product for average people (the masses) and then you use some of the money you make to hire marketing people to put an ad around it or package around it , so it doesn’t look average any more.

But with the changes in marketing, consumers are now rejecting average products and average people, so companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Groupon, JetBlue, Starbucks, grow because they reject this philosophy as well, but say, “we have remarkable stuff for a few people, that’s worth making a remark about.”

Marketing now is about making remarkable products, not for everyone but for a niche market (a segment of mainstream) and about being the best in the world (no not the whole world, your customers world) at that thing you make or service you provide.

So think this through, if you have something in this world worth making a remark about, that is remarkable. People tell each other. The spam filters don’t matter, the noise doesn’t matter, the remote control doesn’t matter, because a person is talking to a person because they choose to talk  to each other.

That is the revealing deep dark secret to marketing. That marketing is a lot easier when you have a product or service that’s worth buying and worth making a remark about.