The Single Most Powerful Marketing Tool in The World

For the first time in business history it’s not about talking. The last 100 years we marketed our businesses, products and services in a way that was all about push. Since the beginning of time we pushed. We pushed as cave men when we drew on the wall, we pushed when tribes sat around a fire telling a story, we pushed our messages and interrupted people when they gathered around the radio and TV and we pushed our ads on the internet. The model for success for 100 years was to always push messages, to get more distribution, to sell more products, and then make a profit.

Now the eyeballs and ears (attention) of the consumer has shifted. And this has affected almost every sector of business. I’m talking Print, Radio, TV, Real Estate, Music, Books, Sales and Communication. All of us with something to say or sell NEED attention to make things happen and the attention has shifted. Hasn’t it? It’s no longer in the traditional places and it’s no longer controlled by professionals.

But not only has the attention shifted, the interactions have shifted between businesses and the consumer. The consumer now has a voice and not being part of the conversation is not an option if you’re in business. Now when you push your messages people can respond to it in real-time. Before when you interrupted the marketplace with your media messages it ONLY made it possible for unilateral intimacy. Today social media has taken this to a whole new level. It makes possible bilateral intimacy—engagement. The result is that consumers can respond in real-time to your message making it a two-way conversation. Which means you can be more connected to your fans, customers, and supporters than ever before.

The way I’m building my current businesses and Indispensable Marketing is around listening and going to where the eyeballs and ears are. The skill-set for our businesses used to be who could stand on a traditional media platform and push. The businesses that are going to win going forward are the ones who work the room like a cocktail party (two-way communication) not the ones who give a presentation (one-way communication).

This makes the single most powerful marketing tool in the world: Twitter’s search engine. Yes, Twitter! The online social networking service and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”. They have done a terrible job at telling people what their product is. So everyone thinks Twitter is stupid and add to that we all still think we have to talk (push).

What Twitter’s search engine allows you to do is search any term or phrase in the world and see people’s conversation around that, then jump into the conversation (jump in) like a cocktail party and be looked upon as a hero, not a stalker marketer. And that’s a game changer. For the next couple of years you have the ability to go to and search in a general area for terms or phrases like “looking for real estate agent” or “birthdays” or “need marketing help” or “car just broke down” or “I love self-help books” and not only search those terms or phrases but see the people in your area geographically who are talking about those terms or phrases. So just target it to what you do and fully understand that you must be caring, generous and other-centered before you try to make the sell.

Question: Do you see the new opportunity today in 2013?