The Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses

The greatest benefit to approaching marketing as a process is that you get to upgrade it systematically.

I’ve been introducing this to our clients but today I want to give you an insider’s look at you how to make your content work for small business.

Making your content a workhorse for your small business starts with establishing what I call “mini-wikipedia pages” on your website – which are focused on providing all the information a visitor could need or want on a single area of expertise or topic.

Still not convinced about why you should take this approach?

One of the best ways to build trust with customers and prospects is to prove that you really know what you’re talking about. If all of your knowledge is spread across your website, social media accounts, and newsletters it’s difficult for visitors to get the full scope of the expertise that you bring to the table.

Mini-wikipedia pages empower you to define the terms for your visitors. You can showcase the expertise that you know differentiates you from your competition.

Not About a Marketing Checklist

Implementing a process approach for marketing is not about creating a checklist of to-do items and then moving down through the list, checking off one item at a time.

It’s not a “set it and forget it” type of business function.

Rather, it is an iterative process where you create, edit, evaluate, improve, and delete over time.

Let’s look at creating mini wikipedia pages as an example.

At Indispensable Marketing we advocate for creating educational expert content, which turns into mini wikipedia pages – a collection of knowledge and expertise that can be used in a variety of settings. When you begin installing your marketing process, you create a baseline set of topics that go into your mini wikipedia page.

Creating a mini wikipedia page is not an item that you check off of your list and never visit again. With each piece of expert content, you look to your mini wikipedia page for integration. You identify new expert content you need to create. As your capabilities and knowledge grow, you will find content that you no longer use, or no longer fit your marketing strategy as it grows and matures.

Think of marketing as something you do, rather than something to get done.

Ranking for Keywords and Phrases Potential Customers Search

The best way to guarantee your website ranks for the keywords, questions, services and phrases that are central to what your business does is to create a comprehensive guide on your area of expertise.

Here are some examples:

📖 Small Business Marketing. Focused on small business marketing, we developed a mini wikipedia entitled “The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Small Business”

😁 Dental Marketing. Adding dental practices to our clients called for the “The Ultimate Guide to the Best Dental Marketing Strategy Plan

🇺🇸 Business to Government (B2G) Marketing . We have a mini wikipedia page on government marketing areas that are important to small business owners. “The Guide to Business to Government (B2G) Marketing Strategy”

🐕 Marketing Pet Cremation Services. We had alot of succecss with this niche. The Small Business Guide to Marketing Pet Cremation Services 

I strongly believe in the power of mini wikipedia pages to transform a small business’ content marketing. They allow you to assemble the full power of all of the high-quality content you’ve created throughout the years. Plus they help you rank better in search and drive conversions with the most promising leads.