December 3, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Dental Marketing Strategy Plan

You must develop a dental marketing strategy (diagnosis) before you even think about the tactics (prescriptions) such as dental direct mail, dental seo marketing, social media marketing for dentists, ppc for dentist and any other dental web marketing. This is the key element to make dental marketing effective. You must have an practice experience that appeals to a very specific type of patient, that needs a very specific type of treatment or cleaning, and a marketing message and process to provide that treatment or cleaning in a very specific way.

Dental marketing strategy table of contents

Identify your ideal patient and find out why they value you

In dental marketing today it’s common to hear that you must know who your target patient market is and why they choose your dental practice over others in order to be effective. This implies that you look very broadly at the market your practice is most likely to attract. What if you began to think about who your best patients are and what they value most about your practice – patients who elect to do and follow treatment plans, refer their family and friends, value you and your staff, and pay on time.

  • Getting Started with Identifying Your Ideal Patient – coming soon
  • How to Find Your Dental Practice Differentiation – coming soon

Decide what is the best dental marketing strategies to reach ideal patients and by what services

Part of your dental marketing strategy has to be an understanding of what is the best dental marketing strategies to reach ideal patients and by what services. The way patients research and scan information today has changed so dramatically that we have to understand that it’s our job get in the pathway that they shop for dental services and treatment.

  • Top Dental Marketing Strategies – coming soon
  • Improve Dental Practice SEO with Google My Business – coming soon
  • How to Use PPC for Dentist Practices – coming soon
  • 5 Ways to Make Your Dental Office Marketing Effective – coming soon
  • How to Get Good at Dental Direct Mail that Generates Patient Leads coming soon

Design the dental marketing materials that deliver your message

The digital world has complicated the patient journey. Where patients used to have to reach out to a practice if they wanted to learn more about a treatment, they can now do the bulk of their research into a dental practice online. With these dental digital marketing channels doing so much of the heavy lifting in representing your practices brand, do you really still need materials? Will a prospective patient really leaf through your letter or read your brochure? The answer to these questions is a resounding yes!

  • The Role of Dental Materials in a Digital World – coming soon
  • The Dental Marketing Dos and Don’ts for Creating Content – coming soon

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