This Era is Upon Us—Direct Content Purchasing

Imagine a day when content creators go straight to you and you’re able to directly pay for what you want to watch on whatever device you may have. Today more than 10% of consumers are now without cable and are using alternative streaming services.

But, it’s very important to understand that these consumers didn’t give up the content; these consumers just gave up the middleman (cable). Because what they want is a direct relationship with their content creator. These consumers have voted with their wallet and said, they want what they want when they want it. These consumers long for a day when they can have the content they want and pay the people who create it directly.

Why is this important?

Well, recently Google CEO Larry Page and YouTube content guru Robert Kyncl met with an NFL delegation, headed up by commissioner Roger Goodell, with the Sunday Ticket games package among the issues discussed. In 2014 the NFL is free to partner with any distribution partner. Personally I believe because the NFL is the creator and owner of the content, they don’t need to partner with a distribution channel. They can become their own distribution channel. And they seem to think so too, by this recent meeting.

The Internet—which has unlimited shelf space— is a distribution channel for content. Content that people will pay money for. For example, I would pay the NFL money for a Monday or Thursday night game that seems interesting. I would also demand that there be no commercials with my paid content. When you pay for something you’re the customer, not the product. 

Making a shift to direct distribution would be a groundbreaking move by anyone willing to own their distribution.

As they say, evolve or die. We are getting closer and closer to more one-to-one marketing because of technology and businesses are looking for ways to have a deeper relationship with its audience. The big difference that I see is that the Internet is open a network (limitless wallets) and cable is a closed network (limited wallets).

Question: What do you think?