Trying to be Both You’ll Accomplish Neither

Anything new whether it’s music, book, painting, or technology is fresh and it sparkles. New catches the eye and it appeals to  people who have the tendency to like anything new.

Someone’s time, on the other hand, can only be earned. Privilege marketing communicates trust (because the untrusted don’t last long enough to earn the privilege) and it appeals to a very different audience.

The 50-year-old gym rat in spandex, taking steroids and brutalizing himself on the big machine–he’s trying to be both and accomplishing neither. He’s trying to be new and gain attention.

Brands and organizations face the same choice. Any book on business related matters could be updated weekly, in a big-headed attempt  to keep it shiny. But that makes no sense, as the ideas in a great business book are important because they’ve been right for a decade, not because they’re new. That’s what a new title is for.

The challenge, then, is to let your classics thrive precisely because they’ve earned the right, because they communicate trust–but not to rest on those previous success, but to get busy inventing the new shiny thing for those that demand it.