7 Incredibly Simple Steps That Turn Dreams into Reality

Around this time of year you still hear lots of people talk about their dreams for the year. And yet some of those same people will see the year come and go with no noticeable change in their lives.

Why is it that some people dream and their lives never change while others dream and walk into new successes every day? Just yesterday I met someone who commented about how they would live if they could start a business.

So how do we turn dreams into real experiences?

Let’s walk through 7 incredibly simple steps:

  1. Imagination
  2. Dreaming
  3. Anticipation
  4. Goal Setting – creating a timeline
  5. Plan of Action
  6. ACT
  7. Dreams realized

So it should be easy to locate where you are in these steps.

Turning dreams into reality is never an accident, it’s intentional. It typically starts with your imagination, then becomes a dream that will stimulate a goal, growing that into a plan of action – which then unavoidably meets with opportunity.

Question: Where are you in these steps of turning dreams into reality?