Video: 3 Incredibly Simple Rules For Networking

In this brief video, I share the three incredibly simple rules I use when business networking. This enables me to establish a purpose, and achieve greater clarity on the outcome I want to have.

  1. Make contact to establish a relationship that can lead to business. Sometimes that path to business is direct, but more than often it’s going to be indirect like a referral.
  2. The most important rule. Never try to do business at a networking event. It doesn’t work that way.
  3. Set a goal. I set a goal to try to meet two or three people, find a reason to follow-up, and start a relationship.

In addition to these three short tips, I strongly recommend you build strong one-to-one relationships with your network, prospects and customers knowing that people buy from, and refer business to, friends rather than strangers.

Question: Do you use rules when you’re networking? How is it different from mine?