What Are Psychographics? (And How to Use Them in Your Business)

Picture this: You’re running limited-time specials every month on Facebook, discounting the price of your anti-age cream and your tone and fit workout product, but still, not one single person is buying your great anti-aging and weight-loss product.

What gives?

Is it that, no one is interested in losing weight, looking fit and feeling younger? Absolutely not. We KNOW that’s not the case.

It’s probably because you are ignoring psychographics.

What Are Psychographics?

Let me start by saying, psychographics and demographics are not the same. Demographics explain “who” your buyer is. Psychographics explain “why” they buy. Demographic information includes gender, age, income, marital status – the dry facts. Psychographic information might be their habits, hobbies, spending habits and values.

Both need to be understood because that’s the only way to effectively reach your target audience. All this information forms your buyer persona – a detailed picture of the person you serve with now, and would like to serve with in the future.

Here’s how to create a very simple buyer persona based upon what we know about the ideal customer for the anti age cream and workout product. Here goes!

Demographic Information:

  •  Female
  •  Aged 40-65
  •  Married, with children
  •  Dealing with issues of weight gain, wrinkles, and lack of energy
  •  Household income $90K+

Psychographic Information:

  •  Concerned with health and appearance
  •  Wants a healthy lifestyle, but doesn’t have much time
  •  Enjoys going online in the evenings, big fan of Facebook and Pinterest
  •  Tends to favor quality over economy
  •  Finds fulfillment in her career and family
  •  Values time with a small group of friends

Looking at the two lists above, it’s easy to see why you need both. If you only use demographics,then you’ll only have a very fuzzy outline of your audience – you understand her challenges, but not where to find her and what really moves her to action. Psychographics gives you that insight!