What every successful business should have

We all have seen the monopoly man and we all know what he looks like. So if you try to print the monopoly man on anything, you can’t. Why? Hasbro won’t let you and their lawyers are so aggressive that they have notified every person who prints something, that if you send them the monopoly man printed on an item, they will send you back a notarized official letter saying we will not print the monopoly man and neither can you.

What that means is that they have a monopoly on monopoly! And if you want the monopoly man, you got to buy it from them.

And every successful business has a monopoly. They have a monopoly on what it makes, that someone else can’t make it the way they make it. Brilliant business and marketing is around figuring out that product you can make or that service you can provide, that people are willing to cross the street to get, search the web to buy, visit when they’re in town, and that this is the only place they want it from.


What is it that you’re going to have a monopoly on?