When is the best time to build a platform?

Ten years ago. When it wasn’t so crowed, when it wasn’t as much noise, and when the virtual microphone wasn’t as popular.

When is the second best time? TODAY!

The world has now align in a way where the connections you make are more valuable than ever and the value you create is NEEDED more than ever.

Your art, your work, your message, your story, your speech, what you have to say, and your book can make a difference in this world, but only if you first, create a platform, and then ship. Shipping means the value you create has to intersect with the outside world (a person).

Recently,  it’s been increasingly difficult for anyone to get the attention they need to succeed in such a crowded, information overloaded, and noisy world. The competition has never been greater in numbers and there are more channels (organizations, social media, radio, TV, and etc.) competing for the one resource that is finite: people’s attention. And the ruckus, the noise, and content you create and make is—dare I say it—irrelevant, if there is no one there to watch you, hear you, or read you. But, if you build a platform you’ll have someone to watch you, hear you, or read you.

So, NOW is the best time. What are you going to do?