When the Customer has No Choice…Provide a Positive Experience

I know that I have to fill out this form before I receive health, dental, and vision insurance, and before I see a health professional, and before I see a service professional or purchase a service, but the way you go about designing that form or paperwork and the way you ask me to fill it out will change the way I think about everything else you’d like me to do.

I know that I have to go to that meeting or purchase that service or pay that tax or listen to this speech, but, right here, in this moment is when you( a company, organization, government, or individual) have power, you have the power to establish the greatest attribute of selling, and that is : emotion. Emotion not logic is what translates into the way I or anyone may feel about your entire organization.

If a marketer works hard to provide a positive experience when the customer has no choice, the benefit of the doubt that’s earned is worth far more than it costs.

Redesign that form, change your attitude, adjust your fees and bend over backwards to be grateful. It’ll be rewarded.