Why an Irresistible Brand is the Talent

There are countless podcasts, blogs and articles on the internet that proclaim the importance of building an irresistible brand. If you’re been reading my blog you know that branding isn’t your company name. It’s not a logo. It’s not a tag line. Branding  is a promise. It’s an expectation of an experience. Well, who delivers on this expectation? The answer is “the talent.”

So, if the brand is the talent then this completely transforms why social media should be incorporated and what it will do for you and your company. When the talent you hire or select is active on social media, engaging in two-way conversations, they can turn followers into prospects, prospects into customers, and customers into evangelists, thus growing the business into an irresistible brand.

If  you have taken the proper view and realize that the talent out there in those social spaces is the brand, then you see the impact of founders, the CEOs, or the leadership of the company, the ministry, or the organization to Twitter or Facebook under their own names too.

The goal is to try to get as much talent out there into the marketplace to try to bring people into the business. The talent will inspire prospects and customers with brand experiences and  if you want your customers to engage with your products and services, the talent has to contribute to the conversation.

It’s all great. The benefit of the company will accrue to the talent, and conversely the brand equity in the talent will accrue to the company. It turns out that everybody is an ambassador for the company or the organization, and the organization ought to be leading the talent into it.

Question:How well are you  or your company using the talent for branding? Was this helpful?