Why Content Creators Must Offer Their Best Stuff

I often have conversations with content creators about whether or not they should offer their best stuff. Some seem to get it and some don’t during these interactions. The content creators that don’t get it, falsely believe that by offering their best stuff, they will have nothing left to share.

My response? NO!  Not offering your best stuff, means you’re offering the status quo, which is average and average is for losers. The reason that average is for losers is that given the choice between the best content and average content, nobody picks average content.

Nobody picks the status quo.

It’s the least of the best and the best of the least. When you’re a content creator you limit your chances of ever standing out when you are the status quo. The status quo will always represent the one who put in the least energy, time, and enthusiasm to just be mediocre.

The upside, though, for offering your best is enormous. Here are the benefits I think you get when you offer your best stuff:

  • You Create Room for More. If this glass is full of water, “Can it hold anymore?” And the answer is, Yes! If you pour some out, so if you want more, you have to pour some out. So I truly believe that when you offer your best content, you create room in your mind to learn more. 
  • Your Best is Viral. Content on the internet is like a rider and it needs a horse to go somewhere and interact with the outside world. So, if you have remarkable content, content that’s worth making a remark about, it will spread quickly which is called “going viral”. If we think about something “going viral” like a virus, they need to spread through some form of transmission like a sneeze, cough, or handshake and then that virus (content) goes to the next person.
  • Influence. Content is still king so the more remarkable your content the more likely it will spread. And because it more likely to spread:
  1. you’ll attract more followers,
  2. you’ll influence more people, and
  3. you’ll engage in more conversations.

Which will help create a platform where you have the ability to influence a group of people that’s large enough to make publishing a book, hosting a radio show, recording an audio CD, speaking at events or almost anything less of a financial risk.

Question: Have you been toiling with offering your best stuff?