Why This Won’t Work

In the past two weeks, I have had conversations with several individuals trying to get their ideas off the ground, develop a more effective marketing plan, and get noticed. They are frustrated because they can’t narrow it down to a few ideas, get all the customers they want, and get focused. One thing that I have taken note of is this phrase, “Why this won’t work” and it seems to be a great part of their vocabulary. Yet, they know that the success they want to have, won’t ensue unless they execute.

If you recognize you have a tendency to see, “why this won’t work?”  I would like to offer five concrete actions you can take:

  1. Identify ten ideas. Make sure you find ten ideas you believe in, something you would buy yourself and use yourself, and would sell to your best friend.These ten ideas should be shared. Don’t be secretive. Get input from everyone you know. Ideas are a dime a dozen. But the person who puts a plan of action together is the only one who will benefit. Your friends will likely be too busy to help you—or to steal your idea—but you can get their opinions and input.
  2. Narrow it down to three ideas. Have an intensive focus to narrow it down to three. Intense focus means investing time and energy (hustle 2.0). Do you want an online, mobile, or brick-and-mortar business? A profit or nonprofit organization? A manufacturing or service company? A new company or an old-established franchise? Do you want to travel or be home every evening? An organization in health, retail, finances, entertaining, printing, etc.
  3. Do more research. There are two types of research that should interest you. The first is quantitative, or how much of something. The other type is qualitative market research, which relates to why customers purchase.
  4. Choose one. Once you have a clear focus and have identified the one idea where there is a potential match of your passion, skills and abilities, dreams, personality traits and values. You must take the next step which is the most important of this whole process.
  5. Act. If you take no action, you will likely get no results. Don’t be indecisive and unstable in all your ways. Rather, walk in the strength, confidence, and boldness that come from decisive action. “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

These actions show a commitment to moving forward and that you’re not going to sabotage this one more time by seeing, “why this won’t work” in advance.

I wish you much success in anything you endeavor to do. GO Execute!!!!