Why You Can Make Money Giving Content Away for Free

This is something that’s so misunderstood and I want to bring some clarity to it. I know some you didn’t start creating content to make money from it. In fact the thought probably never crossed your mind, but if you’re putting out content around your passion, you’ll definitely want to monetize it somehow.

First let’s deal with the free part. Content is going one way: the free way. If you’re trying to charge for content it’s going free. If music is free, movies are free, books are free, then your “10 Ways to Become a Better Speaker” or etc. are free, because there are so many ways for people to put it out for free. And there will always be somebody doing that.

Now the question is “How do I make giving away free content?” Very easy! The one thing that you’ll always be able to monetize and make money from are other people’s attention (eye balls).

You must understand this attention business model because every single person and business that creates content can make money from it, if they have a big enough slice of other people’s attention. In fact, this is what separates the professionals and businessmen from the starving artist and amateurs. For example:

  • Authors receive royalties.
  • Artists sell paintings.
  • Speakers are paid fees.
  • Musicians sell tickets.

You really can monetize and make money from giving away free content. Here are ideas that turn other people’s attention turn into money:

  1. Sell advertising on your website or show.
  2. Promote affiliates to products or services you personally use and love .
  3. Sell products and services.
  4. Product placement. Maybe you started your own TV show on YouTube. 

These ideas are just the direct methods you can use to monetize your content once you have enough of other people’s attention.  You can also use your content to generate leads for speaking, coaching, or consulting services.

They key to monetizing and making money from giving your content away free is to get the attention of other people and then offer ads, products, and services that are congruent with your brand and will add value to your audience.

Question: Did this open your mind to different avenues to create money?