Why you get hired?

If someone is going to do business with you that means one simple thing: “they’re hiring your product to solve a problem”. Just like they hire a massage therapist to massage their body or even someone to work for them.

So, let’s think about this for a second. When a person drinks a milkshake in the morning, they’re hiring the milkshake to solve their breakfast problem. When people buy any physical fitness workout program, they’re hiring that program to solve their weight, flexibility, or endurance problem. If you hire a marketing consultant, well you’re hiring him or her to solve your marketing problem of lack of focus, implementation, and planning.

The point is when you tell someone about your business, that individual starts asking them-self, “Would I hire this product or would I this service to solve my problem?”

So if you think about all the brands and events and stuff you buy, that’s why you bought it. To solve a problem.

Question: What are your prospects hiring you to do?