Your Company’s Worst Enemy is Happy Customers

Of course, sometimes you are your own worst enemy, but I have seen something that is your company’s worst enemy. It’s the mindset of we have happy customers. We want to keep them happy. People who are happy are your company’s worst enemy. I recently witness the destruction of a company, they fell behind in technology and in the marketplace so bad that they had to sell because they could no longer compete. Their customers where so satisfied with the old format, old technology, and old tools that they never pushed for the new and innovative.

Your company’s worst enemy doesn’t complain. Your company’s worst enemy pays on time. Your company’s worst enemy doesn’t bother the boss or the tech support people or the legal department.  This is a problem. It’s a problem because your company’s worst enemy is unlikely to radically increase your sales.

One day, in fact, the competition will pass you buy and then the happy customers (your company’s worst enemy) will quietly leave. Your growth instead will come from raving fans, the dissatisfied and the unsatisfied. The dissatisfied and unsatisfied know they want a solution, but aren’t happy with  the solution they got. While raving fans rant and rave about how you exceed their expectations.