Your Success as a Professional Service Hinges on Two Important Factors

As a service business you face a different challenge than someone who sells a physical product like soap or breakfast bars. You and your team are the product and, unlike a bottle of lotion, your services are:

  • more expensive,
  • intangible, and
  • sold before they are produced.

This as you can see is a totally different business model and interaction, but as in every business there are important factors for success. As a professional service business, your success hinges on these two factors:

  1. the relationships you form and
  2. the quality of your work.

You must focus all your efforts on those factors if you want to succeed.

Without a relationship—something that enables you to bypass competitors and create top of mind positioning—you don’t have a chance. And without quality work—something that creates positive buzz throughout invisible networks—you don’t have a chance.

The time is right now for those who provide a professional service to focus all your efforts on those two factors. The battle in the professional service market is no longer just about vying for a sale; it is about competing for relationships so you can have lifetime value.

2 thoughts on “Your Success as a Professional Service Hinges on Two Important Factors

  • Service businesses are struggling more with local search; most service businesses travel 20-30 miles for their clients and the search engines pull up those that are closest 1st and this is greatly effecting how many people you are able to get your company in front of on the web. Any thoughts?

  • Thanks for your comment Peggy! I think having your company be a the top of the search engines plays a small role in getting your company in front of people on the web.

    To me you have to be doing a combination of traditional and online marketing that will have people search for your company online. Attending local events and building relationships causes people to seek your solution when they have a problem.

    Putting valuable content on social networks causes word-of-mouth and creating context with others not just pushing your message is part of that relationship building.

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