6 Content Marketing Tips for Midsize Financial Institutions to Get Attention Money Can’t Buy

Do you ever feel like you’re the only marketer who has trouble creating and distributing quality content that get’s people attention and that yields measurable results? If so, you’re not alone.

Given the speed at which Midsize Financial Institutions create, distribute and consume content that references all the tips telling us how to save money and stretch our dollar, it’s no surprise that there’s room for improvement.

Here you will find 6 Content Marketing Tips for Midsize Financial Institutions to Get Attention Money Can’t Buy:

#1. Help Your Customers GROW Their Money.
Right now, most Financial Institutions are likely posting countless “savings” tips and “stretching” tips. Stop doing this and go the opposite way. Instead, give your customers ways to grow their money. Talk about interest rates, talk about CDs and get into the specifics. Instead of saying, “Pay yourself first”. You should say: “CD rates are at a record high. Putting in $200 dollars today will give you $xxx in 3 months.” See what you did there, you promoted a product without promoting a product and you told your audience how to MAKE money. Same concept, different delivery.

#2. Let’s Hear From Your Brand = The Talent.
Your Midsize Financial Institution is full of intellectual capital about money, the economy and investing. If you didn’t know, people like hearing about money. They want to find ways to get more money (see above) but they also want to know what the experts in the field are reading and looking at. Leverage your intellectual capital! Drive your customers to the articles, newsletters and ebooks your experts are reading. This is adding value to prospects and customers and is also a huge brand differentiator.

#3. Care About What Your Customers Care About.
Shared passions can create an increase in engagement and following. This is a not new. But, in doing so, your Midsize Financial Institution must be authentic. So, if your customer LOVES the St.Louis Cardinals and you have content that celebrates their season and accomplishments, Your customers are going to engage because they love the same thing. So, take a good hard look at your sponsorships. And ask; how can your Midsize Financial Institution leverage those relationships to build compelling content for our collective fans and grow your affinity with your shared passion. Posting the score might even be enough!

#4. Help Your Customers Feel Good.
Banks, although sometimes they may seem the same, are very different in terms of brand personality. It is hard to change banks, so people rarely do it. But when your prospect does choose you, remind them occasionally of your values. What is important to you. And if you can show them don’t tell them. Small Business Saturday is a great reason for your customers to feel good about choosing you. Help your customers by sharing content that shows them your values and how you improve the world/community/neighborhood.

#5. Listen to Your Customers.
Your customers have ideas. You should be open to them. Simple!

#6. Be Interesting or Be Invisible
When you have earned the right to talk about yourself, spend those precious words and images being clever and interesting. Overlay some pop culture, use a real-time approach, but if anything else be remarkable. Worth making a remarkable about.

If you consistently tell a true story about your company, product, service, or idea that resonates with the worldview of a group of people, that “world” will eventually beat a path to your door.

Note: In writing this post I looked closely at some of the most successful Financial Institutions from The Financial Brand Power 100. These content marketing tips are things that are working in terms of growing a following and generating awareness and engagement for both large and small brands.