6 Tips to Creating Content That Gets Shared

Let’s face it effective social media marketing amounts to your content being shared and with the massive amount of noise out there it’s tough to break through the clutter. Just on Facebook alone 30 billion pieces of content are shared each month. This includes blog posts, links, news stories and photo albums.

According to HubSpot’s Dan Zarrella there are three things must happen to get your content shared.

  1. People must be exposed to your content (be a fan on Facebook or follow you on Twitter).
  2. They must be aware of your content (meaning they actually see it).
  3. They must be motivated by something in your content to share it.

Here are six tips to keep in mind when creating content that gets shared:

  1. Appeal to your audience’s key motivation. Marketing 101 says that you focus on the problems and desires of your prospects, and match those up with your content.
  2. Tell a story. This has always been a key component for businesses to get talked about and remembered. Social media provides a way to tell stories at scale and tell them with a picture, a thirty or six second video shot with an Android phone or iPhone, or a status update, or a tweet. What story should you tell? Read here. 
  3. Trust is the foundation. At the heart of every transaction is TRUST. Trust is all about developing a rapport. People share who they trust.
  4. Keep the message simple. The fact is we are inundated with content. People are starved for time and as such they greatly respect and value short to the point messages.
  5. Appeal to emotions. We are emotional creatures and what appeals to us are the things that make us feel healthier, or wealthier, or wiser. Owning the emotional equity is what social media is all about, especially since you are more connected to your fans, customers, and supporters than ever before.
  6. Create a sense of urgency. In the post “Make your product or service presentation succeed while all others fail” I mentioned that you must invest time in destroying and slandering and dismantling  the status quo. Once your audience understands how the current situation can’t help but decay, and ultimately fail, they’re far more likely to listen to your offering. Your content is the same. Focus on whats broken now and you create a sense of urgency.

Question: Did any of these tips surprise you?


3 thoughts on “6 Tips to Creating Content That Gets Shared

  • I like to have reinforcement of prior knowledge. As I have read each of those tips in bits, it was good to see them in a concise and quickly readable way. I like your marketing ideas.

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