Brilliant Marketing is Around Figuring Out This

I was recently asked to contribute advice to the”Business Unplugged Blog” for entrepreneurs who are starting a new business.

Here’s what I had to say:

My best tip as a marketing expert to entrepreneurs starting a new business is to create something only you can make! Every successful start-up has a monopoly. You must have a monopoly on what you make- that someone else can’t make it the way you make it or provide it the way you provide it.

Brilliant marketing is around figuring out that product you can make or that service you can provide that people are willing to cross the street to get or search/poke around the web to buy.

Advice for Entrepreneurs Starting New Businesses - Business Unplugged Blog

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Action Step: Determine what you want to be “the best at” and then make that experience only available with your service or product. Remember to use off-the-shelf-software and explore becoming obsessively preoccupied with the minor details to succeed.