Communication Is The Economy

Your digital channel is a place where communication is the core ingredient but it is not enough. While content is king and marketing is queen, it isn’t enough either. You need more than this if you want to produce the best possible results. Let me explain.

If you have been reading my blog then you’ve been informed about how  communication (which in the end is what this digital era and media is all about) is not just a sector of the economy. Communication is the economy.

You’ve also been informed that you need to create remarkable content. Content that focuses on the problems and desires of your prospects and that is worth making a remark about. Additionally, promoting that content through social media channels and marketing it effectively.

While communication, content, and marketing are all important ingredients, it’s still not enough for a successful recipe. The missing ingredient in most digital channels is a commitment to engagement. Without this ingredient your digital channel will not produce the best possible results and even worse, can become as stale as last month’s bread.

Here are four powerful ways to include that missing ingredient (engagement) in your digital channel:

  1. Welcome and Respond to Comments. Every business has a unique situation, so you need to consider your blog comments options carefully. If you do decide to go with this option, then at the end of your blog post, always ask the reader to leave a comment. It’s like telling someone a story and then saying, “Well, what do you think?” Also while building your blog community, you should respond to every blog comment. It shows people that you are paying attention and that you respect your community.
  2. Develop Repeatable Campaigns. Take advantage of being able to segment your audience’s attention with a unique hashtag dedicated to a specific campaign and stay consistent. For example: #FeedbackFridays, could be where every Friday you pose a question/idea to your customers.
  3. Let Your Customers Ask Questions. Use to give your customers and visitors an opportunity to leave voice messages right from a browser. You could answer them for an upcoming radio show, on your podcast, blog or YouTube channel.
  4. Be Part of The Conversation. Don’t ignore people who take the time to mention  you or your company. Sometimes just acknowledging a tweet, or status update can make someone’s day—potentially making that person loyal to your brand for a lifetime. If you take the time to talk, take the time to listen and respond to complaints, compliments and questions in a timely manner.

Question: Do you have any other ways that you engage?