10 Questions to Ask When Defining Your Marketing Strategy

It’s a new quarter of the year already! That means another 3 months of customers, products, and sales. This is where your marketing strategy comes in.


Anyone doing serious marketing today knows that asking questions that are core to your marketing strategy can be useful for understanding how to reach customers, promote services, improve sales, or collect valuable feedback quickly.

Bottom line: the goal of a marketing strategy is to increase business and grow awareness of your organization. There are several pieces of information you’ll need in order to define this strategy.

Here are the 10 questions that can benefit you in defining your marketing strategy.

  1. Who is your ideal customer?
  2. What core problem do you solve for ideal customers?
  3. Who are your primary competitors?
  4. What is your primary competitive advantage?
  5. What is your lead offer to first time customers?
  6. What is your maximum cost to acquire a new customer?
  7. How many new customers you can handle per month?
  8. How do you ensure prompt follow-up on sales inquiries?
  9. What target keywords do you want to rank in Google?
  10. How do you measure marketing investments?

When you begin putting this together, focus on the big picture first and then later, the specific tactics you will use to accomplish these big picture plans.

Your Reward

  • You can grow your business 10% by adding some features, doing a better job with SEO or mining social networks for potential leads.
  • You’ll switch from pitching a service over to providing a service. This can result in a conversion rate between 10% to 50%.
  • You can almost guarantee a ROI with your marketing tactics because you’ll get very clear about communicating a competitive advantage that your ideal customer cannot live without in all lead generation channels.

When asked to come into a business and evaluate marketing activities for growth or make marketing recommendations – this is where I start because this is where all the answers reside.