Not Creating Educational Content Is Not An Option

In order for your business (especially for B2B organizations) to be successful in today’s marketing environment, you’ll need two things: a compelling product or service and a differentiated buying experience you own.

Many businesses are under the mistaken notion that if they just create a great product or service that is sufficient. It’s not.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for putting really compelling offerings out there, but here’s what every smart and profitable organization understands:

If you really want to create a better product, service or company, create a better experience and wrap it around what you actually sell.

This is where educational content lends tremendous power to any size business. You can create content that works as marketing (building know, like and trust) and that creates a better experience because you’re delivering independent value to customers with content before you attempt to make the sale.

In other words, in many cases how you sell is more important than what you sell.

An even bigger benefit is that your content differentiates you from the competition in ways that traditional features and benefits fail to in a cluttered marketplace.

Not an Option

Your web site, blog or central content hub must be full of educational content, articles and how-to information. The truth is the act of blogging itself does not matter any more, but the act of consistently creating content that educates, differentiates your buying experience and that is easy for search engines to find and index, easy to share, attracts links, creates a searchable and archivable body of work on a subject and will never be seen as inorganic or a violation by Google has never, been more important.