Free Small Business Guide: 7 Components of a Marketing Plan for Small Business

These days and quite often I get asked by small business owners and organizations should they write a marketing plan? Are they a total waste of time, or a necessary vehicle on the path to business success?

7 Components Book Cover

I’m here to tell you: whether you’re launching a new startup company or looking for quick ways to revamp your organizations marketing efforts, a solid marketing process and marketing plan can make the difference between treading water and achieving exponential growth.

I’ve written an small business marketing guide on the 7 components of a marketing plan for small business and thought I would share them with you here.

Enjoy and feel free to add your comments around the components.

1) The Goal of Your Marketing

2) Identify Your Ideal Customer

3) Create or Discover Your Differentiation

4) Map Customer Journey

5) Create Educational Content

6) Lead Generation

7) Plan Implementation and Execution