How to Craft Your Own LinkedIn Strategy in 2 Minutes

In your LinkedIn efforts it’s especially important than you develop strategy before tactics. While most end users take the “shiny new object” or “tip of the week” tactical approach, you’ll know a great LinkedIn strategy is the most important aspect to being successful.

Before you decide on joining 50 groups or creating a group, you must adopt and commit to a LinkedIn strategy. All tactical decisions should be filtered through your strategy to see if they make sense or support the overall marketing strategy.

The concept of a strategy may seem foreign or out of reach, but it’s really just determining and narrowly defining your ideal connections and clients and creating communication with them as a key point of differentiation.

Here is how to craft your own LinkedIn Strategy in 2 minutes below. Try this or modify it to fit your situation:

  • Touch up your profile. Add a call-to-action
  • Join 2-4 groups. Become active. Ask interesting questions and leave thought-provoking answers.
  • Get weekly digests for groups. Keep up-to-date with insider information.
  • Spend thirty minutes to one hour weekly participating in discussions of interest. You get what you sow.
  • Send connection invitations to people you meet in discussions. Find a reason to connect.
  • Ask connections if they would like to connect by phone or Skype. Deepen the connection. Move it from connection to relationship.
  • Every three months, reevaluate group memberships and weekly digests.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for helping build a business.

Question: What do you think? How have you used LinkedIn?