Increase Your Brand Awareness With Content

How does today’s buyer decide to buy a product or service?

74% of buyers choose the company that they first hear about. Get in front of your prospects early.

The early bird gets the worm. Or closes the deal, in this case.

I’m often talking about producing educational content as way for potential prospects to become aware of you and trust you.

Today, educational content is the price of admission into a prospects world. If you’re not consistently producing high quality, useful content that addresses the questions, concerns and needs of your prospects and customers there’s a really good chance you won’t get found, stand out and gain the kind of brand awareness needed to make a sale.

People today have come to expect to find information about any product, service, company, individual, cause or challenge they face by simply turning to the search engine or social platform of their choice. So, if they’re not finding content that you’ve produced that provides them that information, even if someone referred them directly to you, there’s a pretty good chance you won’t be worthy of their trust.

Brand Awareness Through Publishing Content

When it comes to brand awareness, the big challenge is always reaching the right individuals. In today’s buying environment, finding new prospects for your products and services, includes publishing content. Which maybe the most powerful brand awareness tool that can get attention, go out there and make a case for your business, offer proof that you can provide a solution, share facts and make a very specific offer or define the next steps.

Today’s organizations must be ready to publish and demonstrate solutions to increase brand awareness. Every organization should focus on the problems and desires of the prospect via blogs, publishing on social media and conducting online and offline seminars.

When you build brand awareness through a reputation for being helpful, useful and relevant through publishing content, then you get invited to places where you have the opportunity to sell.

Any company that wants to get found online or offline, attract prospects and ultimately grow their business, needs to get serious and strategic about publishing the right content, in the right format, in the right place and at the right time.

Keyword Phrases

If you want to increase brand awareness by drawing targeted traffic to your content you need to know what terms and phrases your target market is using to find businesses, products and services like yours when they surf and search.  Google’s free keyword search tool can give you those terms and phrases that people are actually using.

Develop a list of core terms or phrases and assign one to each month for the next 3-6 months.

Each term or phrase should be related to your business or industry and represent an important search term or problem that needs solving. Think about your content creation strategy as if you’re creating a magazine. Each month represents a hot topic in what will become a body of work at the end of each quarter or year.


  • January –Brand Awareness
  • February – Importance of Brand Awareness
  • March – Brand Awareness Strategy
  • April – How to Increase Brand Awareness Using Social Media
  • May – Brand Awareness Measurement
  • June – Brand Awareness Campaign Ideas

On a strategic level, content must mean more than a blog post, status update or tweet. You must think about your content as a brand awareness asset to serve your business over time.