#MidsizeWednesday: The Formula For Midsize Business Success in 2014

As your midsize business prepares for a successfully 2014. You must be able to mobilize your audience to action. Midsize firms need to have a “WHY” that drives them to do what they do with excellence.

To ensure that your company is on track to succeed, here’s the Formula For Midsize Business Success in 2014.

Ingredient #1. Vision Matters Now.

Vision is the lifeblood of any midsize organization. As a midsize business, you have to think big to motivate yourself and your team to achieve great things. This requires developing a goal that’s more than just getting the next sale.

To Have Success in 2014: Develop trackable metrics associated with your goals so you can measure your progress over time.

Ingredient #2. Create an Action Plan to Achieve Your Goal.

A plan of action will separate your midsize business from 97% of the other businesses. Map out your strategy for the areas of your midsize business where they want to see excellence. Without this step, you’ll find yourself chasing the new shiny object. and you’ll have trouble attaining your goals in a timely, cost-effective way because there’ll always be something else demanding your attention.

To Have Success in 2014: Set achievable milestones. These check points should be associated with your goals and related metrics.

Ingredient #3. Leverage Resources to Reach Goals.

Midsize businesses tend to have OK, but still limited resources, both financial and personnel. As a result, they tend to tradeoff time for money.

To Have Success in 2014: Assess each investment and major effort against your long-term goals to maximize resource utilization.

Question: What do you think will contribute to this formula for success in 2014?