#MidsizeWednesday: Why Every Smart Midsize Business is in the Media Business

By now smart midsize businesses are in the media business, but most aren’t thinking like a media company. When midsize businesses start to think like a media company they will reap the huge rewards that come from content marketing. And it can work for any midsize business.

Yes, even yours.

Here are a five characteristics of media companies that midsize businesses must adopt if they expect to make an impact, breakthrough the noise, reach consumers and change their behavior.

  1. Content: The most obvious characteristic is that media companies produce mass amounts of content. They are content machines with an “always on” mentality. It doesn’t matter what time a day it is or what the hour, media companies distribute content constantly.
  2. Relevancy: Media companies only provide content that’s relevant to those who are seeking information at a very specific moment in time.
  3. Recency: Media companies aren’t in the business of providing content that’s a few days, weeks or even hours old. The content is recent and in many cases, real-time.
  4. Omnipresent: Media companies are everywhere. They dominate the search results. Their content is shared across every social network. They produce videos, advertise and their journalists have personal brands which also feeds the content engine day in and day out.
  5. Agile (BUZZ WORD): Media companies move quickly. They have subject matter experts and contributing writers that are prepared to write about any topic at any time; and creative teams that can produce visual content at a moments notice. They aren’t held captive by approvals from marketing teams or lawyers.

Midsize businesses not only must be in the media business they must think, act, and operate like a media company. And the reason why is right in plain sight. There is a content surplus in the marketplace today and consumers have an attention deficit.

In order for midsize businesses to reach them with a value message, they need to create the right content, in the right format, in the right place and at the right time.

Question: What characteristic(s) would you add that are of a media company?