My Take on the Difference Between Sales and Marketing

One of the ways that I engage with other experts and business owners, showcase my marketing insight, get teaching opportunities, direct traffic back to my blog, increase my following, build brand awareness, gain opportunities to write and position myself for consulting opportunities is by participating in LinkedIn interest groups. And yes, all that can come from just engaging in two-way conversations online and you can enjoy all of that too. Just like me you can obtain opportunities to gain awareness and visibility with your target market if you start participating —taking action. “Action is what leads to profits.”—

Recently, in one of these groups someone asked a question about the difference between sales and marketing? Here’s my take on that:

In my opinion the difference between “Sales and Marketing” is this:

Marketing will get you to the dance. Once you’re at the dance, you have to do your own dancing. Marketing generates leads, makes the phone ring, causes people to ask for your products.

Selling (dancing) convinces prospects to take money their bank account and put it in yours for exchange for something.

The sale of any product or service ONLY happens after this marketing informs, persuades, and motivates prospects to visit with you, request more information, or try a test run.

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Question: What do you think the difference is between sales and marketing?