Need More Customers? Start Building The One Factor that Grows an Business

Your offering is good. You know your material. You know how to package and provide your offering in a way people want to buy it.

You’re nearly there.

But the game isn’t won yet.

No matter how strong an offering you have, you won’t grow your business until you fit one more piece into place.

Let’s take a look at what that might be …

The reality is, your business won’t pick up real momentum and grow until you’ve mastered the “awareness” factor.

Face to face salespeople have known this for decades, but some business owners are still struggling to get it right.


I hope so, because I’ve got 3 ideas for you …

1. Make it a Religion

Here’s what I mean: marketing doesn’t begin with a tactic, but a mindset. Everybody’s looking for tactics, but it’s more about religion. So the reason Indispensable Marketing grows is that we’re built to grow. We value and respect that marketing – which is building know, like and trust – comes from everything we do or say that our ideal target clients and current clients see and hear from us.

We view marketing as a necessity. I don’t think a lot of people consciously value oxygen, but you need it to stay alive. That is how I look at marketing.

In my opinion, marketing is the most important system or process for being a successful business, so that’s reason that I am dedicated to this idea that each person and every activity in a company or organization should be focused on the following question: How am I building awareness with my ideal target customers and current customers through our marketing?

This includes:

  • everyone you or your employees meet
  • every vendor you or your employees contact
  • every article or blog post your company or organization publishes
  • every sign your  company or organization hangs
  • every point of contact (in-person, phone, email, website, social media)

2. Build Up Your List of Prospects

Dating and business are both all about forming relationships. You need to get out there and be seen. You need to “court” ideal target customers and get them comfortable with your cause, products or services.

If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve probably heard the concept of know, like, and trust. Salespeople often talk about it as a lead-generating tactic used before the sale. Good salespeople know that a prospect needs to know, like and trust you before she’s willing to complete the sale. And it’s a key component of good any marketing program.

Effective Prospect Plan:

  1. First thing you must do is determine precisely what an ideal target client looks like and where you can find them.
  2. From your research above, create your list of 100 and go work on finding out who might be able to introduce you to these people. Start with your clients and then work social media networks such as LinkedIn to see who in your existing network already knows your prospects.
  3. Don’t forget to work associations, trade groups, industry groups, networking groups and even alumni groups as part of your research.
  4. Once you create your list, start building the “awareness factor” through referral partners, social media and educational events and trust-building campaigns.

 3. Consult with an Expert

The reality is, most business owners fall prey to the “marketing idea of the week” and never seem to produce any significant marketing results with this chaotic approach to the most important facet of their business.

Hiring a professional consultant to help you get a new or better result from your business is often a very good idea. Many times a fresh set of eyes and ears can bring new perspectives to problem solving.

In some cases, simply adding a level of accountability and someone to kick you in a focused place can be enough to help fuel the attainment of your objectives.

My Main Point

Nothing happens until something gets sold. But, you can’t sell a product or service no one knows about. Which means you can’t grow unless you’re building the awareness factor.

If you need more customers, think about how you’re going to build awareness with them, first.

About the Author: Patrick McFadden is the marketing consultant to call when you want SALES … not just words.. He is also an advisor and featured marketing contributor to American Express Open Forum and has been named a marketing thought leader for small businesses.