The Number One Marketing Challenge Of Companies (No Matter The Size)

Recently, I’ve been getting asked, “what main challenge do I see companies wrestle with when it comes to marketing?”

I can say without hesitation that the number one marketing challenge of companies has to do with testing and measuring and adapting to the things that generate revenue, get sales and get cash — and making that consistent.

This is why I challenge business owners and organizations to think and approach marketing in a different way for better results, starting with discovering which segment of their customers they should really focus on to create a stronger business and then how to improve their messaging and lastly their reporting.

Shiny Object Marketing

From experience a lot of business owners and organizations get stuck in the shiny object (tactical) marketing. It’s especially hard with digital marketing. It’s not like the days of old when customers and prospects called when they wanted to buy. You just wrote it down on a note pad.

Now there are hundreds of different tools from emails, social media, websites, blogs, etc. It’s really hard for business owners and organizations to keep track of all of this. I mean every year, there’s a different tactic marketing experts say they have to add to their marketing toolkit.

So there’s a lot of shiny object distraction that keeps businesses from building a better marketing foundation for growth.

The Hidden Power of Mastering Marketing Fundamentals

From the leadership and management side of things, there needs to be a commitment back to the basic marketing principles. Too often, I’ve witness business owners and organizations quickly jump ahead to the new shiny thing, the tactical idea of the week, failing to get good enough at the important thing, first.

Even Targets new CEO Brian Cornell has publicly announced why his organization is taking a back-to-basics approach in order to ignite growth. [Video]

In my observation of the marketplace, the most successful business owners and organizations tackle this marketing challenge by spending time today learning and relearning basic marketing principles and finding ways to apply them today in the realm of a specific marketing initiatives.