What’s The Best Online Marketing Strategies for a Small Business Right Now?

It’s the best and worst time to be a small business owner.

It’s the best, because business owners are empowered with infinite resources — data, robust tools, and high-yield customer acquisition channels.

But it’s also the worst, because the marketing landscape is more cutthroat than ever — never before has the competition for audience attention been so fierce.

If you want to be good at marketing your business online, then you need to invest the time and resources to do it right. You also need to choose the right channels.

What tactics work best right now?

  • Did you know that for B2B small business owners, case studies are more effective than white papers?
  • Or that LinkedIn is better than Facebook and Twitter?
  • Or that SlideShare is second to only one other platform in terms of how its effectiveness is rated by those who use it?

Here’s a study that breaks down how all of the different channels rank in effectiveness. It’s mission-critical information when you’re charting your own online marketing course.

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You can download Content Marketing Institute’s free report by clicking here: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends-North America. And if you’re a small business owner in need of a viable online marketing strategy, download our special report “Marketing Online: The Six Essential Elements to Focus On” right now   or contact us.