Patrick McFadden Founder of Indispensable Marketing Speaking at America’s #1 Small Business Conference

From time to time I get asked to share the Indispensable Marketing approach and message with business groups and conferences in workshops and seminar sessions. Recent speaking engagements found me virtually presenting to the New Virginia: Scaling4Growth group.

Coming up Tue Nov 10th, 12:00 PM – 12:25 PM CST / 1:00 PM – 1:25 PM EST, I am talking “How to Develop Your Marketing Message To Attract (Ideal) Customers and Generate Reviews” at Thryv | Connect20, America’s #1 Small Business Conference.

Using examples from my small business marketing consulting firm I will reveal the most important steps many experts skip or refuse to share to not only get more customers but more ideal ones and generate more reviews for their business.                       

  1. Chasing the wrong customers leads to all problems. Until you can narrowly define the exact person, business, or problem that constitutes your ideal client, your business will fall prey to not attracting new business
  2. Nobody really wants the basic service you sell. Matching your message to what your ideal client really wants is pretty much everything when it comes to marketing these days. They want their problems solved
  3. Use existing ideal customers to attract more. It’s really important that you develop the habit of understanding who it is that you’re currently attracting, identifying them, and building your messaging to attract more of them

If your organization is looking for strategic and practical small business marketing advice on topics that range from competing on price to getting found online, please contact me to discuss!