Put Your Business On Track For Success! Tip #15 – I Don’t Care About You

No. I REALLY don’t care about “you.” I care about me. What’s In It For Me? I don’t want to hear or read what you have to say about you. My only interest is what’s in it for me.  No questions asked.

The easiest way to communicate with your prospect or customer, “What’s in it for them?” is  to clearly identify the benefit of using your product or service. Let’s take a look at what some possible benefits your service or product may offer:

  • convenience
  • time savings
  • organization
  • reliability
  • access to information
  • quick answers
  • clarity

What ever your benefit is it should sell.

Now the most compelling benefits are those that provide emotional or financial return. “Will it make me healthier, wiser, or wealthier?” Emotional returns are related to making the customer feel better in some way. Financial returns generally save money or make money for a customer.