Put Your Business On Track For Success! Tip #25 – Be Seen and Heard

Eleven years ago, a television program, a radio show, a magazine or newspaper column was a platform guarded by gate-keepers. And your success was largely dependent on whether the gate-keeper gave you access to their audience.

The rule was simple: “If they didn’t pick your message, you lose!” But, what’s been going on since the mass use of the internet and social media is revolutionary.

The internet is disrupting almost every sector of business and creating funerals for gate-keepers:

  • Email is disrupting mail
  • Craigslist is disrupting the print classified ad sales
  • Ebooks are disrupting books
  • YouTube is disrupting TV
  • Netflix is disrupting DVD
  • Internet Radio is disrupting Traditional radio
  • Forums and chats are disrupting Voice call centers

What the internet disrupted most of all was who has a microphone, a platform—something where they can be seen and heard from. And it’s everyone.

You now have the ability to pump out content around your passion and make a living. And it’s not the gate-keeper who determines whether you’re good or not, it’s the world.

So, now if you want to build personal brand equity, showcase your expertise, become a champion or maven. You have a microphone, but your competition is the world and it has never been greater.

There are more people competing for the one thing that is finite and that can be monetized: attention (eyeballs). And everyone wants a slice of it.