Put Your Business On Track For Success! Tip #7 – The Bullseye

If your product or service is for everyone then it’s a product or service for no one. Unfortunately most businesses market their products and services for everyone and almost always in return they get no one.

Everybody talks about target market or a segment of mainstream, but today to put your business on track for success you will learn to identify them.

Aiming your marketing involves 3 indispensable questions:

  1. Who buys what?
  2. Why they buy it?
  3. Where do they buy it?

To have the best year ever you MUST identify these factors and position your resources whether it’s time, money, passion, energy or creativity to take advantage of your insight.

If you don’t want to ask yourself those three questions then ask yourself this one, “Exactly who wants and needs what I have to offer?” The best thing about this question is there’s only one wrong answer, and that’s: “everyone.”