Small Business Marketing: It’s Good To Play Together

“It’s Good To Play Together”, was the marketing tagline for Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console, and was created to dispel the notion that video games are a solitary pursuit.

Today I would like to dispel the notion that small business marketing is a solitary activity.

Successful marketing embraces this concept of playing together and the beauty and advantage of cooperation. One of the most rewarding, inexpensive, underused, and effective methods of marketing is fusion marketing – combining your marketing efforts with the efforts of others.

In simple terms, fusion marketing is you saying, “Hey Patrick, if you enclose my business card and coupon in your next mailing, I’ll enclose your business card and coupon in mine.” or “Patrick, put up a sign for my store in your business; I’ll put up a sign for your business in my store.”

This marketing method expands your marketing exposure and reduces your marketing costs.

Last but not least. The purpose of a fusion marketing arrangement: mutual profitability.

Realize that almost everyone in your community is a potential fusion marketing partner. Reach new audiences and new wallets!